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CTO Panel: The Future of Cloud Platforms

I’ll be speaking on a panel at the Robert Frances Group’s Open Cloud Forum at Le Bernardin Privé in New York City, New York. My copanelists will be:

  • Jeff Marshall, VP Customer Technical Solutions at Apcera
  • Brian Martin, Chief Architect for BlueMix Services at IBM
  • Joe Fernandes, Senior Director of Product Management at Red Hat
  • Rahul Srivastava, CIO Team Member at VMware

The panel will field a number of questions, including:

  1. What are the critical success factors for an on-premise PaaS such that developers will adopt it as their primary deployment environment?

  2. How will the culture in financial firms need to change to make devops doable within five years? What is the biggest inhibitor? Who needs to drive this?

  3. Some companies have created a devops environment whereby they can deploy builds to production multiple times a day; Amazon does thousands per day. What goal should financial services firms set for themselves in this respect? What timeline should be viewed as reasonable to move from a traditional development environment to a quick-turnaround DevOps environment?

  4. Can PaaS environments become less opinionated about application architecture and processes, so that one can run a mixture of services across the platform or will multiple PaaS environments be needed over the next few years?